My Favorite Design Details From the LA Auto Show

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While most car journalists are sent to every corner of the world to check out and drive the latest cars, the other 95 percent of our jobs is describing the latest and greatest in cars, from photographs. You can imagine, something like a car, some of the best details are best seen in person, which brings us to the LA Auto Show.

While the show is somewhat lackluster compared to shows of years past (and its big-time auto show counterparts in Detroit and New York), an auto show is always a great way to take in the sights, sounds and textures of the cars, all in one place. Here’s a few that left a lasting impression.

The 2024 Ford Mustang

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Image: Lawrence Hodge

The Blue Oval showed off its hottest products like the Maverick, Bronco, F-150 Lightning EV, and the newly debuted 2024 Ford Mustang. Most of us can agree the new iteration of the pony looks great — the details put into this car really bring it together. Look at this shoulder line. And that side crease. If you didn’t know you were looking at a new convertible Mustang, you’d probably think it was a Chevy Camaro. The similarities are already noticeable in pictures, but in person, it’s fairly glaring. Luckily, it does nothing to take away from the overall design.

Hyundai’s Ioniq 6 EV

Hyundai had a pretty big LA Auto Show media day with the introduction of the second Ioniq EV: the Ioniq 6. We at Jalopnik fell hard for the Ioniq 5, and the 6 should certainly win over a ton of buyers. Just like the 5, the 6 also incorporated some stunning notes into the design.

2023 Hyundai Ioniq 6 LED DRL

Image: Hyundai

For instance, Hyundai’s unique incorporation of LED DRLs. The Ioniq 6 features its “Parametric Pixel” amber LEDs, an attractive patterned addition first introduced on the 5.

Ioniq 6’s interior ambient lighting system is just as cool and innovative, with 64 colors and over 4,000 combinations, that also synchronizes with the speed of the car. The faster you go, the brighter the interior will be lit.

Honda Pilot

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Image: Lawrence Hodge

Maybe it’s just me, but this Honda Pilot looks to have a little Toyota 4Runner in the C-pillar.

The New Toyota Prius

2023 Toyota Prius

Image: Toyota

I don’t think anyone expected Toyota to change the game like it did with the 2023 Prius. Seeing it in person — the most striking part of the design truly sits at the rear of the car. The way the side creases come together with the light bar at the rear just looks so damn good. (These are words I’d never thought I’d say about any Prius.) There’s almost a fluidity to the design. I find myself with a near urge to thank designers for making a Prius I actually want to purchase. It’s grown up, or matured from the fuel-sipping appliance of its earlier years. Now if we could just have designers make every hybrid look this attractive.

2023 Toyota Prius

Image: Toyota

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