Ford F-150 Lightning electric pickup will offer full-size spare tire

As the panting and drooling over upcoming all-electric pickups continues to dominate social media chatter among consumers and investors, just about everyone seems to be buzzing about Tesla, Rivian and Ford these days.

Ford revealed the Lightning on May 19 and while details involving the battery and other specs remain elusive, that stops no one from talking about what they do know.

There is one potentially huge accessory the Ford F-150 Lightning will offer that others won’t: a full size spare tire.

Not a little bitty doughnut tire that offers just enough support to limp to the nearest tire shop in prayer that it doesn’t bust en route, but an actual full-size spare that allows the truck owner to replace and continue with business uninterrupted. 

While it may sound trivial, it isn’t trivial at all. 

Full-size spares aren’t unusual on traditional internal combustion engine pickups including the Ford F-Series, Chevrolet Silverado, Ram 1500, Toyota Tundra and Nissan Titan. But the all-electric pickup is an entirely new game.

Tesla has not provided spares in its luxury electric vehicles as a standard benefit to date in order to limit weight while also providing free roadside assistance, and the company has said customers don’t mind.

This image shows the Ford F-150 Lightning fully boxed high-strength steel frame, battery, spare tire and underbody with the ghost of the vehicle on top to illustrate the construction. A spare tire is affixed under the bed of the truck.

Ford says their customers don’t view the truck as a luxury lifestyle product or a toy. 

The F-150 is a lifeline for working men and women.

“… A temporary doughnut spare tire won’t work when you’re far from pavement or roadside assistance with places to go and jobs to do,” said Mike Levine, Ford North America product communications manager. 

Kitty Gochal

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