If you’ve ever experienced the pain of a boil, you know that it makes you hyper-aware of how sensitive your skin really is. But it’s even more painful when you get boils on the buttocks! What causes them, anyway, and what can you do to treat them?

Boils are the result of a staph infection taking root in either a hair follicle or an oil gland. The infection causes a red, angry swelling, about the size of a small pebble to start, but growing to the size of a very large marble or even larger, as the infection progresses.

They’re also caused by the friction of rubbing, which is why people who are overweight or who wear very tight clothing are more susceptible to boils than other people. When rubbing meets a warm, wet hair follicle, and infectious microbes are in the air, you’re sunk.

Finally, pressure on the skin can also cause a boil to form. This helps to explain why boils on the buttocks, the inner thighs, and the groin often appear: these areas see more pressure than others.

What Can Be Done To Prevent and Treat Them?
Unfortunately, because staph infections are unusually resistant to antibiotics, there isn’t a magic pill you can take to eliminate boils.

Instead, try a variety of approaches to help bring the boil’s infection to the surface and move it quickly through the cycle of healing. These approaches include:

  • Warmth and water: in other locations, you would apply a hot wash cloth to a swelling to help bring the infection out. But since it’s a delicate area and hard to reach, treat boils on the buttocks with repeated soaks in a hot tub, watching for the swelling to come to the surface (you definitely do not want the boil to burst in the tub, as that is one way it could spread to other parts of your body.
  • Switch to beaded seat cushions in the car: to help move pressure points around and reduce your chance of a recurrence, get a beaded seat cushion if you spend an hour or more per day in the car.
  • Try a diet of raw vegetables and fruits for a few days after the first sign of a boil. Naturopaths say that purging the body of toxins can help to bring things to a head more quickly.
  • Get a homeopathic spray to help treat the symptoms. With your body’s immune system already under attack, you don’t want to add foreign chemical substances to the mix. Instead, get a gentle spray that goes under your tongue to fight symptoms such as swelling, itching, redness, and tenderness.

For advice on what sprays work best, visit my website, where I take you through possible complications to watch for and ingredients that have been proven over the centuries to clear up the symptoms and help you heal boils on the buttocks fast.